Contract Assembly Manufacturer in Mexico 
We are a contract assembly manufacturer specialized in the assembly of electromechanical products and industrial control panels

Manufacturer of electromechanical assemblies in Mexico

We are a contract assembly manufacturer, specialized (not limited to) in electromechanical assemblies and industrial control panels. We´ve served the industry for more than 10 years, providing high quality products to world class companies in North America
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Competitive Advantages
Why work with Newland and not other companies?


In order to meet our customer´s demands, we have invested time and resources to achieve and maintain international certification programs


We´ve gained experience by working with world class companies that demand forward thinking and high technical skills


We are not specialized in one type of product, we can assemble different electromechanical products at the same time
Are you currently sending products to customers in Mexico?

You don´t have to assemble your products and ship them to Mexico, we can assemble your products at our facility in Monterrey and deliver them directly to your customers, reducing lead time, transportation and logistics costs

Team up with us to serve your customers
Being closer to your customer allows us to provide a quick and agil service, have a closer communication, visit them whenever they need and, ship products more frequently. Additionally we can reduce lead time and logistics costs, generating savings to your customers

Local Service

Lead Time Reduction


Being local allows us to respond quick and agile to your customers, interacting face to face to solve their day to day needs
By keeping stock of raw materials, we can dramatically reduce the lead time you offer currently to your customers
Save money by reducing freight costs, importation fees, taxes and other logistics costs

Sourcing business models

Wether you are teaming up with us to service your customers in Mexico or outsourcing your products to us to reduce costs, we can do business with you following  different models. We are flexible enough to suit your needs oferring (but not limited to) the following business models
Let us source all materials
Free issue materials
Mix of both models
In this model, we´ll quote a finish product taking care of sourcing and purchasing and all raw materials
In this model, we´ll quote an assembly rate per hour based on your standard time and you´ll free issue all raw materials to us
In this model, we´ll quote a finish product taking care of sourcing some raw materials while you free issue others

Word class manufacturers and distributors 

Our main goal is to provide high quality and safety products therefore we carefully select our partrners to make sure they share our same goals. All of our suppliers are world class leading companies with the highest standards in the market. We have more than 100 supplier´s setup today at Newland 
Low cost country

Mexico is considered by the global market to be a low cost country not only on the direct labor but on all overhead costs. We are confident we can assemble your products at a lower cost, generating significant savings for your company 

Outsource assemblies that are not part of your core business

      We´ll take care of those assemblies that are currently made in house but are not part of your core competence. Focus on what you do best, we´ll take care of the rest

Benefits of outsourcing to Newland
There are countless benefits of outsourcing an operation to a third party, particularly all the "hidden costs" that we usually don´t keep track off

Free up space

Focus personnel

Reduce Control

Free up personnel that can concentrate their efforts and knowledge of core business
Spend more time controlling raw materials and operations that have a higher impact on your core business
Use your production floor space wisely, only for those operations that generate real value added

Consolidate suppliers

Reduce SKu´s

Simplify receiving process

Deal with only one supplier instead of multiple supplier´s. Reduce the amount of purchasing activities 
Instead of dealing with multiple part numbers, consolidate them intoa single finish product
Incoming inspection, receiving, allocation in warehouse etc becomes easier when you receive a single finish product versus all of it´s parts

Reduce scrap

Controling scrap may become a daughting task that needs dedication and attention to detail. We can do that for you so that you can focus on your core competence 

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In case you are looking to free issue raw materials to us, let us help you estimate the potential savings you´ll get by outsourcing your products to us
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